santinis asked:
Wow I am undoubtedly a Brittana fan but I appreciate so much people like you in the fandom that are able to be rational about things... I sometimes feel a little ashamed to be in the Brittana ship because lately so many people have gotten into it are so immature, and it's really a shame because there's amazing people in it that are so not like that.

Thank you so much! Unfortunately, I think a pretty big percentage of the entire fandom is extremely immature, whether it’s due to age or lack of familiarity with how shows, stories and fandoms work. 

I really do feel for you, though — it’s awful when you enjoy something and just want to have fun with it and feel a sense of community, but you’re surrounded by negativity (or stupidity) on all sides. I know there must be plenty of Brittana fans who are chill and smart and not picking fights, and it’s unfair that the bad apples always become a ship’s PR team. :/

Hopefully people will simmer down when this love triangle develops a little more and we get Santana’s take on it, but until then we just gotta slog through the insanity.

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